‘Where can I get tested?’

Get a free, confidential sexual health check-up, including an HIV test, from any GUM or sexual health clinic.

It doesn’t have to be the nearest one to you. Your GP may offer HIV testing or refer you to somewhere that does.

You can use NHS 24's local service finder to find a GP near you.

Wherever you get your test, your details and the result will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else, unless you agree to it.

Use the panel on the right hand side to search for your nearest service which offers HIV testing.

Talk to clinic staff or your doctor

If you are HIV positive and have unprotected sex or share needles then you could pass it on. If you think you have put others at risk of getting HIV, talk to clinic staff or your doctor about how to tell them and what help is available.

Are you a service provider?

If you are service provider and want your details to be included or updated in our database, contact us.

Find local HIV testing services in Scotland

To find your nearest local service which offers HIV testing, enter your postcode and select HIV testing from the drop-down list. You can search either by the first part of your postcode or by your full postcode or by the postcode of the town easiest for you.

The service finder will look for services within a 100-mile radius.

To find another type of service, select from the list.

The search will work if you select only one field or you can combine your search by postcode and type of service.

Please note that we will not retain your postcode information.