‘What's involved in HIV testing?’

Getting tested for HIV is a simple process.

Step one: Decide where to get tested

After you've decided to have an HIV test, you need to decide where to get tested and make an appointment. (Use the panel on the right hand side of this page to help you find where to get tested in Scotland).

Step two: Have the test

At the test, blood will be taken from your arm or your finger. This will be sent to a lab to see if there are any signs of HIV in your blood.

Step three: Get the test result

You will usually need to go back to where you got your test for the result, which is usually available in a week. Your result will be negative or undetermined, or positive.

An undetermined result means you will need another test as it is not clear whether the HIV infection is in your body and is not yet fully developed (the ‘window period’).

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