‘How often should I get tested?’

It’s important to get tested for HIV regularly – not only to protect your health through early diagnosis, but also for your peace of mind.

If you do have HIV and you are diagnosed late, there is more chance the infection will have seriously damaged your immune system and put you at risk from life-threatening illnesses.

Even if you test negative, that doesn’t mean you are immune and can’t catch HIV, or that all your partners have been free of HIV. You could still get HIV, so regular testing is very important.

How often is ‘regular’?

If you are a man who has sex with men, you should ideally get tested for HIV every six months. This is often enough for HIV to be diagnosed early, but not so often that it is too inconvenient.

If you frequently have unprotected anal sex, especially with a lot of partners, you should try to get retested more often.

Setting reminders

It may sound obvious, but setting reminders in your calendar, email or phone, or even arranging to get tested at the same time as a friend or partner, helps ensure you never miss a test.

Every six months is not very often, and regular testing will help you enjoy a healthier sex life.

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