‘How should I talk about protection?’

Even though talking about using condoms and other protection might seem a bit awkward, having to deal with being HIV positive is far worse.

Reducing risk is the most important thing

Some people may take offence at talk of using protection, saying you should 'trust each other' or that 'they're clean'. If you respect each other, you should both want to reduce the risks as far as possible.

Taking responsibility for your own actions will help keep you safe.

Use condoms and lube

Using condoms and lube is the only way to protect yourself and your sexual partners against HIV.

Try to talk about using protection ahead of time

It's easier if you can discuss protection while you're not caught up in a passionate moment. That way, it won't feel like so much of an interruption and when you do have sex you'll both know what each other wants.

In an emergency

Of course sometimes things do happen in the heat of the moment. In an emergency provides guidance on what to do if you think you have been exposed to HIV.

Condoms & lube

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