‘How can counselling help?’

Why consider counselling?

It can be hard dealing with the reactions of friends and other family members. Even figuring out if or when you should tell them is difficult. You may also have to make significant changes to your life in order to stay healthy and protect others around you.

The benefits of counselling

Speaking with a counsellor trained in HIV issues could help you cope.

The counsellor will work through any areas you're finding difficult with you and assist you in resolving any feelings you find troublesome.

A few sessions with a counsellor will help you understand more clearly what you need to do and when it's best to do it, as well as helping you gather the emotional strength to cope.

Finding a counsellor

Your doctor or staff at your sexual health service should offer you counselling in the event of a positive result. If not, ask them about seeing a counsellor.

You may also be able to arrange to see a counsellor through local projects and voluntary organisations.

Talking to your peers might also help.

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