'How do I talk about HIV?'

Being able to talk openly with someone is essential if you're going to discuss important things like what protection you want to use, what you like to do and what you don't want to do.

Don’t assume you and your partner have the same HIV status

If you don't discuss HIV concerns with any regular or casual partners you have, you shouldn't assume you both share the same HIV status.

Even if you do discuss HIV status with a sexual partner, he may have recently been infected but believes he is negative based on a previous test result. Continue to use condoms and lube to be safe.

How to broach the subject

It might be helpful to explain that you are discussing this subject as a way to protect your health as well as theirs.

Get tested together

If you’re in a relationship, consider getting tested with your partner for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Getting tested together may take away some of the pressure.

See the Sexual Health Scotland website (external site) for tips about how to talk about testing.

Condoms & lube

Find out how to stay healthy and still enjoy your sex life: