HIV in Scotland

The number of new people being diagnosed with HIV in Scotland is on the rise.

In the last five years, two-thirds* of HIV transmission in Scotland has occurred in men who have sex with men. On average, men who get HIV through sex with other men don’t get diagnosed for around four years after infection occurs.

If not detected early, HIV can lead to serious, possibly life-threatening, health problems. This stage is what’s known as AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

The best way to protect yourself against HIV is to use condoms and lube, and the best way to protect yourself from developing AIDs is to get tested regularly.

*Health Protection Scotland – HIV Infection and AIDS: Quarterly report to 31 March 2011.

What is HIV?

If not treated, HIV can lead to more serious, possibly life-threatening, health problems.

How does this affect men who have sex with men?

If you are a man who has sex with men, you could be more at risk of becoming HIV positive.

How do you get HIV?

HIV is found in semen, pre-cum, anal mucous and blood. If any of these fluids get into the bloodstream you can catch or pass on HIV.

Think you know about HIV?

Separate the myths from the facts about HIV.

Living with HIV

If HIV is diagnosed early enough, the latest HIV treatment offers much more chance of living a long and healthy life.

How to talk about HIV?

If you feel awkward raising the subject of HIV, get help talking about HIV protection and diagnosis.

HIV today

Keep up to date with the latest HIV research, get the facts and figures.

Other STIs

Practising safe sex isn’t just about preventing HIV - there are other STIs you should be aware of and protect against.