‘Why use condoms and lube?’

The best way to protect yourself and your sexual partners against HIV and sexually transmitted infections is by using condoms and lube.

If you have HIV, using condoms and lube can protect you from being reinfected with a different strain, which could interfere with the effectiveness of any treatments you might be taking.

Using condoms and lube also prevents infecting any future partners.

If you also have sex with women, always use a condom even if other methods of contraception are being used. Condoms protect you both from HIV and other infections, and also protect the woman from pregnancy. There is no need to use extra lubricant with condoms for vaginal sex.

Why use both?

Find out why it’s important to use condoms and lube together.

How to use them properly

Tips on using condoms and lube properly.

Where to get them

Where to get your hands on free condoms and lube.